Webinar Details

Thursday, June 20th 11AM PST/2PM EST, 60 Minutes.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern workplace trends and security challenges
  • F5 APM – Access Policy Manager Overview and Benefit
  • Pointsharp MFA Overview and Benefit
  • Maintain control of identities and applications
  • Demo – How to Set up F5 APM with Pointsharp MFA


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Webinar Summary

We all want to deliver a modern workplace experience, but what does that mean? Nowadays this refers to the end user being able to access any application, from anywhere, at any time. This any, any, any vision is great in theory, but difficult to implement as this often means delivering many disparate applications from on-premise, cloud, or hosted environments which can lead to a fragmented user experience, security vulnerabilities, and a lack of control for IT administrators. So how do you maintain control and deliver this any, any, any experience to the modern workplace experience?

The F5 Access Policy Manager is a secure access management proxy solution that provides unified global access control for users, devices, applications, and API’s. Pointsharp MFA is a secure login platform that provides a unified enterprise strong authentication and visibility in a way that is easy for users and administrators. By combining the best-of-breed access control of the F5 APM and the strong authentication of the Pointsharp MFA, you can maintain control of your applications and user identities while providing a consistent and secure modern workplace experience.

In this webinar we will walk you through the key benefits of both solutions and how to solve the challenge of maintaining high levels of security, while not losing control in a modern workplace. Finally, we will show a demo of how to set up the F5 APM with Pointsharp MFA and show the login experience from the user perspective.

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Bryan Goldstein

Bryan Goldstein, VP of Solutions Delivery
The SCE Group

Bryan Goldstein is an experienced IT Leader and expert in Identity and Access management with a proven ability to develop, drive, and implement effective IT solutions. He currently manages the Professional Services team for The SCE Group.

George Davidson

George Davidson, Sales Manager, North America
Pointsharp AB

George Davidson is an experienced sales professional and information security SME, working for 10+ years in Identity and Access Management, Network Security, and Strong Authentication.  He handles the North American business for Pointsharp AB.


Thursday, June 20th 11AM PST/2PM EST, 60 Minutes.

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