Exchange Outlook


Pointsharp provide an easy and secure way to connect users with Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Exchange. Full control and insight which users that can login and get access to company email

Multi-factor Authentication

To secure the login of the user, Pointsharp support a wide range of technologies to ensure the users is who they claim to be:

Infrastructure Protection

Pointsharp protect the infrastructure of Microsoft Exchange and connected backend services like Active Directory.

  • Active Directory Lock-out protection
  • Active Directory Brute-force protection
  • Active Directory Denial-of-Service protection
  • Pre-authentication

Password Protection

Pointsharp can authenticate the user either with the Active Directory Password or with a Pointsharp Password that avoid using or storing domain credentials on the device.

Insight and Control

Pointsharp provide full insight how your users and devices are accessing Exchange. Everything is visible in Pointsharp Dashboard and you get full control of how your security is performing.

Modern Authentication

Pointsharp integrate and protect Microsoft AD FS and provide full support for Microsoft modern authentication.

Microsoft Certified

Pointsharp is a trusted ISV Gold partner to Microsoft and align both product development and integration with Microsoft technology and applications.

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