User Portal

Easy onboarding of large volume of users with Pointsharp User Portal.

User Portal

Easy onboarding of large volume of users with Pointsharp User Portal.

User Portal with Self-Service

Pointsharp User Portal gives users an easy-to-use self-service portal that simplifies the process of onboarding and allow users to manage their Passwords, 2FA tokens and Trusted Devices.

The User Portal is designed with responsive web design so it works well on both mobile and larger devices e.g. tables and computers.



With the Pointsharp User Portal it’s easy to onboard users securely for the first time. Only thing required is username, email and mobile phone number in Active Directory. A user can login with SMS and One-Time Password to set their password and assign the Pointsharp Login App or an OTP Token. With that configured the user have everything needed to login and access corporate applications securely with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


2FA Token Management

In the Pointsharp User Portal a user can manage their 2FA Tokens with self-service available 24/7. The tokens are assigned using QR-codes for Pointsharp Login App and Google Authenticator. Hardware tokens can be assigned using the serial number or automatically via Active Directory.

Read more about supported 2FA options with Pointsharp Login App or One-Time Password Tokens.


Trusted Devices Management

To simply the login process from applications on devices that are trusted, the users can manage all their Trusted Devices in the Pointsharp User Portal.

Read more about Trusted Devices.


Password Management

Pointsharp support the use of either Microsoft Active Directory Password (also named Domain Password or Windows Password) or Pointsharp Password. Both can be managed and reset securely with Pointsharp User Portal.

Read more about Password Reset with Two-Factor Authentication.

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