Deliver Exchange Securely Into The Modern Workplace

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Webinar Details

Register for Recorded Webinar.
Length:  45 Minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Complete Strategy for Exchange On-Prem Authentication
  • Securely Publish OWA with 2FA
  • Secure ActiveSync devices with App DNA
  • Provide Secure Outlook Clients Without a Need for a Corporate VPN
  • Live Demos of Exchange Security in Action


Webinar Summary

Email is critical to your business and you want to maintain control of it and keep it on prem.  You are running a version of Exchange still under support; Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019.  Daily, pressure is mounting to move your email to the cloud so that business can experience email as a modern workplace.  You can’t move it there or don’t want to lose control or have some of the issues of moving email into the cloud; cloud outages, phishing attacks, blind subpoena, loss of customization and change control. In addition, your legacy authentication provider, if you have one, doesn’t cover all the scenarios for Exchange on-prem.

So how can you deliver the same experience of the modern workplace, while keeping your Exchange servers on-prem, and ensuring a high level of security?

Pointsharp provides an enterprise suite of authentication and security tools that will enable you to keep the infrastructure that you want, while giving business users the experience they want, all the while protecting user identities and data.  It covers all the main ways to access email from Mobile ActiveSync clients, Outlook Web Access, and desktop clients.  You can move forward with confidence and security into the modern workplace with Exchange On Prem.



Bryan Goldstein, VP of Solutions Delivery
The SCE Group

Bryan Goldstein is an experienced IT Leader and expert in Identity and Access management with a proven ability to develop, drive, and implement effective IT solutions.  He currently manages the Professional Services team for The SCE Group.


George Davidson, Sales Manager, North America
Pointsharp AB

George Davidson is an experienced sales professional and information security SME, working for 10+ years in Identity and Access Management, Network Security, and Strong Authentication.  He handles the North American business for Pointsharp AB.


  • Tuesday, December 31, 2019

    Available on Demand during 2019