Enabling Mobility – Securing Exchange ActiveSync


Enabling Mobility – Securing Exchange ActiveSync


Key Takeaways

• Provide Native MFA Support for all ActiveSync Clients
• Protect Active Directory and Exchange Infrastructure
• Create Trusted Devices with App DNA
• Gain Granular Content Control for ActiveSync Endpoints


Webinar Summary

Mobility is the key to the Modern Workplace and Exchange On-Prem ActiveSync provides a great mobile experience.  Mobility however comes with its own security challenges as you want to protect both your user and corporate data from compromise. 

How do you provide secure email to your mobile ActiveSync clients in a smooth and seamless way?

Pointsharp has a unique solution with our Security Gateway product that can process the ActiveSync protocol and take control of ActiveSync traffic for your mobile endpoints.  This enables not only native MFA for all ActiveSync clients, but other features such as Active Directory and Exchange Infrastructure protection.  More advanced capabilities include creating Trusted Devices as a second factor with App DNA and granular content controls to protect from data leakage.

Attend this webinar and learn how you can protect your mobile email for your Exchange On-Prem deployment in a way that is modern and secure.




Bryan Goldstein, VP of Solutions Delivery
The SCE Group

Bryan Goldstein is an experienced IT Leader and expert in Identity and Access management with a proven ability to develop, drive, and implement effective IT solutions.  He currently manages the Professional Services team for The SCE Group.


George Davidson, Sales Manager, North America
Pointsharp AB

George Davidson is an experienced sales professional and information security SME, working for 10+ years in Identity and Access Management, Network Security, and Strong Authentication.  He handles the North American business for Pointsharp AB.


  • Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    11AM PST/2PM EST