Secure Login to Citrix Products with Pointsharp MFA

Secure Login to Citrix Products with Pointsharp MFA

Citrix enables the digital workplace with products like Netscaler, Sharefile, XenApp and XenMobile. Applications become more accessible to the users and the need of securing the access and protect against identity theft is increasing. Pointsharp secures the digital identity through secure login to Citrix products with Multi-Factor Authentication.

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, over 80% of the hacking incidents involved credential theft.  Insecure logins remain the number one vulnerability for most enterprises.

Despite these challenges, less than 50% of enterprises today are using secure login technologies like Multi-Factor Authentication due to complexities in deployment, interoperability with cloud and on-prem services, and end user ease of use and adoption. 

This webinar addresses the options of secure login to Citrix products and how to ensure ease-of-use for your end users.


  • What are the challenges and security threats with a hybrid environment?
  • How do you deploy a secure login strategy?
  • How can you integrate secure login with Citrix products?
  • How to keep end users happy and drive adoption through easy login strategies; push, self-service, flexibility and trusted apps.

The webinar is about 20 minutes.


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