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Sending files of any size safely

With Cryptshare, sharing large files is no longer a challenge. The restraints of SMTP are a thing of the past. File size restrictions are removed in popular email clients, limits can be set by the administrator.

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Usable for everyone

Ad-hoc usability, making it easy for both internal and external communication. Say goodbye to Software installation, user accounts, S/MIME & PGP, costs for external partners


GDPR compliant email

Classifying data is an important compliance standard required by the GDPR. Our Data Classification creates an easy tool set for users, promoting awareness of email security and ensuring lasting protection against compliancy penalties.


Revoke file transfers

Employees can become a real security risk when they send confidential data to the wrong recipient. Cryptshare's Revoke feature allows you to correct mistakes after the fact and extends your security options for accidentally sent files.



Legal or industry-specific regulations require the archiving of data. Cryptshare has been designed to be integrated into archiving and document management systems. Many other encryption solutions fail on this requirement.


Even more secure Microsoft 365

Integration within Office and Windows environments. Safe and efficient Cryptshare shortcuts to allow seamless intergration within office applications, as well as Windows explorer dialog options.

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Cryptshare makes it easy to follow GDPR compliance and other legal requirements.


Communicate with everyone

Stay secure even when communicating outside of your organization.

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eID verification

Use eID for identity verification of both sender and reciever.