Benefits of self-service password reset



No wait times make your users less frustrated and more productive.



Lost passwords can quickly be replaced securely with multi-factor authentication.


Save time & money

No more support tickets for password resets will free up considerable resources.

Why you should enable self-service password reset

Help and Support

Saves time for IT

The task of resetting user passwords is a time-consuming task for your IT support. Removing it frees up resources.

User friendly

Saves time for users

Users can return to work faster when they can reset their password. This makes everyone more effective.

Remove User

Less user frustration

If your users can solve their password problems themselves, instead of waiting on others, they become far less frustrated.


It increases security

Self-service password reset allows for fast changes of passwords if they should ever get lost or stolen.


Better overall security

Self-service password reset is not an isolated feature. Combined with MFA, you increase your organization’s whole security.


Simplifies onboarding

Self-registration is a natural part of self-service. Make onboarding as smooth as resetting the existing passwords.


Simplifies compliance

With self-service comes extensive logging of activities, simplifying traceability and compliance.


Modern security

If you want to increase security and user-friendliness even more, we can help your organization go fully passwordless.


Password reset solutions at a glance

Password reset and change in SAP

The SIVIS Password Manager is a web application that allows you to perform password resets or set a new password securely, easily and quickly. User authentication can be done in various ways, for example by comparing it with HR master data. The generated password is conveniently sent via email.

Active Directory password reset

Have you forgotten your Active Directory password or would you like to change it for security reasons?

Our service includes the professional setup of Microsoft environments based on various proven technologies. These include, among others, Active Directory, Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Office 365 and federated deployments with ADFS or comparable solutions.