Secure application access with FIDO

The FIDO technology makes it easy for users to get access to their applications and authenticate their identity. With FIDO2 being a decentralized approach it introduces challenges to enterprise organization who want to maintain centralized control of which users and tokens are used while access corporate information.


Easy enrollment

Identity and Access Management

Lifecycle managment



Smartcard Computer

It is a set of authentication standards developed by the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance. It uses public key cryptography to provide a simpler and more secure method of authenticating users.

Yubikey Computer Fingerprint Biometric

Our unique solutions enable full lifecycle management of YubiKeys, no matter if you want to use certificates, FIDO, or both.

Webinar YubiKey In Smartphone

Learn from our expert how to implement and manage YubiKeys. Simplify the user experience for both your end-user and your IT department.