Customer Stories

We think we have the greatest solution, but do not just take our word for it. Explore our customers and their stories why they chose Pointsharp.

"We trust Pointsharp to secure the login of our users to sensitive applications. This have allowed our users to work securely and mobile and I would highly recommend Pointsharp to any other enterprise looking for a modern 2-factor authentication solution." - Anders Eklind, Manager IT-Communication.

“Pointsharp provides us with a modern two-factor solution which supports several technology models that change the way how we access our data on premise or in the cloud.” - Roger Kisters,Teamlead Technical Infrastructure.

"We chose Pointsharp because of their local presence and that they could meet our requirements for ease of use without compromising on technical features. If a system is not easy to use, it meets resistance and will not be successful." - Tobias Ekholm, System Engineer

"The ease of implementing, use of standards and perimeter protection for our mobile users was the key factors for choosing Pointsharp. We have used Pointsharp products for over 5 years and are very pleased with the support and knowledge they provide" - Tobias Ölander, System Engineer.

“We are very pleased with the PointSharp authentication product. The return on investment was quick. The solution provided us with more authentication options, easy administration and happy employees being able to use their smartphones also for authentication purposes.” - Britt Ocklind, Director, IT Office Solutions and License Management.

"When we decided to go with Pointsharp we had a lot of complex questions about rollout and how to operate with more than 30’000 mobile Devices. To fulfill all our security policies and due to the increasing number of devices we found in Pointsharp a great partner. They not only provide great technical features but also great support which is very important for a successful implementation." - Adrian Allenbach, Head of Mobile Workplace & Communication.

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