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One login dramatically simplifies everyday work for your users.


Increase security

Easily keep track of logins and authorizations to increase security.

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Bring all your applications together under a single login.

SSO for better security

Single sign-on is all about secure user authentication, but is also part of a larger concept known as federated identity management. This, in turn, is one key pillar of identity and access management.

Instead of logging in to each application separately, an identity provider (IdP) handles your user's login process. We can help you deploy an IdP in your environment, or you can use one you already have in place, like ADFS.

The IdP communicates with your directory services, like Active Directory, Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), LDAP, or any other, to verify the user and its access rights.

When the Identity provider authenticates a user, it can access all applications and services they need for work, without requiring separate logins since the IdP handles that. 

The identity provider can be set up to connect to all applications and services that your organization uses. On-prem and legacy applications can be combined with cloud applications like Office 365, AWS, SAPCloud, Zoom, or any other cloud service with one single login.

This also enables remote work and BYOD initiatives without the need for a VPN connection.
When a user has finished their work, single-sign-off will securely log them out of every application in the same easy way.


SSO at a glance

What is single sign-on?

SSO gives the users of your organization one single login to all their applications, websites, and files they need for work. This significantly increases the user experience and productivity. 

From a security perspective, it increases overall security, enables a zero-trust environment, allows for greater control of your environment, and decreases the number of support tickets.

Are there any risks with SSO?

Enhancing the user experience with SSO for one login to all applications might raise concerns. Will this create a single point of failure in our infrastructure, which is vulnerable to attacks?

In a way, that is true. At the same time, you will also get one single point that needs protection, instead of several. A smaller attack surface, if you will. Here, you can protect your users and infrastructure with multi-factor authentication or even go completely passwordless. Creating a sound security strategy around single sign-on will increase your organization's overall security. SSO also makes it easier to go through with your zero-trust initiatives.

Will SSO save time for my organization?

Enabling SSO for your organization will also make for a more effective IT department. It gives fewer areas to focus on and fewer support tickets for lost passwords. The latter can be eliminated by enabling self-service for password reset.

With everything in one place, you can simplify any compliance demands that your organization has at the same time, with better traceability and better preparation for audits.


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