User friendly


Easy integration into everyday work makes for a high user acceptance.



Securely email sensitive or even confidential files within and outside your organization.



Adhere to regulations like GDPR with full traceability.

Secure file transfers for all situations

Email and online file transfers

Our secure file transfer solution integrates directly into your Outlook, Notes, or OWA (Outlook on the web) application. That makes it accessible for everyone in the organization in a very user-friendly way. 
At the same time, the receiver does not need to download or install any software, whether or not they are within your own organization or an outside partner. This eliminates many common pain points of other solutions.
In those cases where email is not applicable, you can always use our browser-based solution for file transfers with the same high-security standards.

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Large file transfers

Need to send a large file to a colleague or partner fast? Our solution eliminates any size restrictions that your internal email system might have. Instead, you can transfer files of any size with the click of a button.
The ability to send large files securely with a solution that keeps you in complete control of your data also eliminates the need to use third-party services where you don’t always know who might have access to the data.

Read more about sending large files here.
Automated file transfers

Any modern organization produces a lot of data that is not user-generated. This can be from internal systems, a machine at a manufacturing site, or research data. 
Ensuring this data gets transferred to the right system, department, or person without interruptions is critical for many organizations. That is why we offer an automated file transfer solution with the same security standards as our email solution.

Read more about automated file transfers here

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Cryptshare Product

Cryptshare helps your users to share confidential and large files in a secure way inside and outside your organization.

Atmosphere Collaboration

Our solutions for encrypted data transfers give you an automated solution that removes both the work and risk from the equation.

Pointsharp Cryptshare Webapp Phone

Cryptshare is a solution for securing file transfers and email in a smart and user-friendly way.