Tech Sheet Net ID Software Suit
Download: Net iD Software Suite tech sheet

Pointsharp Net iD Software Suite summarises all important information about the products Net iD Portal, Net iD Access and Net iD Enterprise including their benefits.

Cryptshare Product
Download: Cryptshare tech sheet

Cryptshare by Pointsharp makes it easy for your staff to send encrypted email messages and attachments of any size at any time to internal and external recipients directly from your existing email system.

Tech Sheet ID Server
Download: ID Server tech sheet

With Pointsharp ID Server you get one solution for all logins and a centralized insight how users login.

Tech Sheet Access Gateway
Download: Access Gateway tech sheet

Pointsharp Access Gateway allows your users to access on-premises applications in an easy and secure way that meets the requirements of a digital workplace.

Tech Sheet NetiD Access
Download: Net iD Access tech sheet

Pointsharp Net iD Access is a tool and appli-cation to enroll soft authentication tokens and smart cards in mobile scenarios.

Tech Sheet NetiD Portal
Download: Net iD Portal tech sheet

Get full control of your users and their digital identities by starting using Pointsharp Net iD Portal.

Tech Sheet NetiD Client
Download: Net iD Client tech sheet

The Net iD client enables signing, authentication and use of certificates in all common system environments and platforms.

Tech Sheet Secure Cloud Net ID
Download: Secure Cloud Net iD tech sheet

Pointsharp Secure Cloud — Net iD is a cloud-based form of our proven and well-known product package providing inviolable authentication security for the users.

Download: Protect Exchange with Pointsharp tech sheet

With our solution for secure Exchange access you can make sure only the correct persons can access it. Don’t let the data fall into the wrong hands.

Cryptshare For Outlook E Mail Classification
Download: Cryptshare for Outlook

It enables you to securely share confidential emails and files without size restrictions, completely ad hoc via your regular email directly from your familiar Outlook environment.

Pointsharp Cryptshare For Notes
Download: Cryptshare for Notes and Domino

Exchange sensitive information and attachments of large file size. Via email, directly and convenient from HCL Notes.

Atmosphere Team Desk Web App
Download: Protect data in transit

Cryptshare makes it easy to communicate in complete privacy with everyone you need to, instantly, and at any time. Cryptshare makes your email suitable for the challenges of a modern business and will be adopted easily and quickly by your users.