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Secure digital identities, access and data in a way that suits you.

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Pointsharp multi-factor authentication 

ID Server

ID Server is a user focused user authentication software that lets you secure all your logins with a single solution.

  •    Run on-premises
  •    Self-Service
  •    Easy user enrollment

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Pointsharp Gateway 

Access Gateway

Pointsharp Access Gateway is an authentication gateway that gives secures access to your applications and enables remote work.

  •    Exchange on-prem security
  •    Application publication
  •    AD Password reset

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Pointsharp Cryptshare 


Cryptshare gives you access to sending confidential and large files in a secure way and advanced email encryption.

  •    Send files securely
  •    High security email
  •    Outlook integration

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Net iD Portal 

Net iD Portal

Simplify administration with this powerful lifecycle management tool for all your tokens, certificates and more.

  •    Custom workflows
  •    Self-service
  •    Decentralize management

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Net iD Client 

Net iD Client

A high security and versatile PKI middleware that support most OS and tokens for a great user experience.

  •    Secure your devices
  •    Single Sign-On
  •    Signing & encryption

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