Pointsharp MFA

Pointsharp Multi-Factor Authentication. Include all key components required for an Enterprise Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) / 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) deployment.

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Login App
One-Time Password
User Portal
Admin Portal
App Portal
Smart Authentication
AD Protection
Standard Support

Pointsharp Password Reset

Microsoft Active Directory Password Reset with Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Password Reset
Standard Support


Pointsharp Security Gateway

Protect and publish on-premises web- and mobile applications with Multi-Factor Authentication, ActiveSync Content Filtering and more.

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Standard Support

Pointsharp Business

License bundle including Pointsharp MFA, Pointsharp Password Reset, Pointsharp Security Gateway.

Standard Support

Pointsharp Premium Support

Extending Standard Support (always included) with Premium Support including remote assistance and more.

Premium Support
Pointsharp Hardware Tokens

Pointsharp Key-Chain Tokens for One-Time Password.

Pointsharp Credit-Card Tokens for One-Time Password.


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