Recorded webinars

  • Deploy YubiKeys in an enterprise environment

    Learn from our expert how to implement and manage YubiKeys. Simplify the user experience for both your end-user and your IT department.
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  • Why go passwordless?

    Learn how the different types of passwordless authentication work and how to implement that in your organization.
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  • Add security for sensitive data in Office 365

    In this webinar, you will learn how to add a secure way for sending confidential files and emails while still using Office 365 for your daily business.
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  • Fast & easy login to Citrix with certificates

    Lukas Baart explains how to use certificate-based logins to Citrix.
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  • Secure access to Exchange on-premises

    Learn how to secure all accesses to Exchange on-premises with multi-factor authentication. From Outlook, mobile and OWA.
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  • Send confidential files with Cryptshare

    Cryptshare is a solution for securing file transfers and email in a smart and user-friendly way.
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  • Secure device login as a service with Pointsharp Secure Cloud Net iD

    Learn how you easily can get started with certificate-based security as a service.
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  • Save time with self-service

    In this webinar we explain how we can help you save time by securing access to both applications and devices with self-service in mind.
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  • Lifecycle management of certificates and security keys

    Learn what is important in lifecycle management and how to keep track of tokens and certificates in a smart and time saving way.
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  • Securing devices with multi-factor authentication

    In this webinar, we will go through the different ways you can protect computers, mobile phones and tablets to make sure only the correct user can access the device.
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  • How to secure your mobile email

    Learn more about the different ways you can secure mobile email and how to do it on your user’s premises.
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