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Security without compromises

Pointsharp Secure Cloud is a unique cloud service we’ve built to deliver our products with the same level of security, or even better, as if you run them in your own infrastructure.

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Custom workflows

Save money

No need to set up and manage expensive infrastructure.

tracking and logging

Get secure immediately

It's easy and fast to get up and running.

API for integrations


Only pay for how big you are now and scale as you grow.

Net iD

In Pointsharp Secure Cloud


Secure your devices the easy way





Skip the complicated part

Setting up a PKI infrastructure is complicated and expensive. Not anymore, as we solve that for you. The fast and easy way to secure all your devices and critical applications with multi-factor authentication.

A complete package

You get everything you need to deploy certificate based security in your organization in one package. Login software for all devices, a mobile solution and a powerful lifecycle management tool.

Highest level of security

This unique service gives you access to the same level of security used by everyone from nuclear power plants to defense contractors. But without the upfront cost and hassle.


Secure Cloud Net iD

Tech sheet 

Want to know more about how it works and the included products? Download the tech sheet.



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To make it easy to get started with Pointsharp Secure Cloud — Net iD, this onboarding process will guide you from start to finish.

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