Microsoft AD FS

Easy and secure login that protects your Microsoft AD FS deployment with full insight and control of how and when users login. ADFS 2FA and ADFS MFA with ease-of-use for the end-users.

Secure Login for Microsoft AD FS with MFA & 2FA

Pointsharp provide the full benefit of Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) with support for SAML, we don’t reinvent something where Microsoft already provide a great solution. But with Pointsharp you get total control of the user authentication process and much more flexibility in working with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) with ADFS. This ensures only trusted user can access federated cloud and on-prem applications, like Microsoft Office 365.

Multi Factor Authentication Options

Pointsharp provide a wide range of authentication methods to authenticate a user with MFA or 2FA as well as advanced policies on how these methods are enforced on different users and situations.

Pointsharp MFA and 2FA options

  • Pointsharp Login App, MFA with ease-of-use and custom branding.
  • 2FA with Google Authenticator, Pointsharp Mobile Token, SMS, Hardware Token. Many options of OTP Tokens


Insight and Control

Pointsharp provide full Insight and Control how and when your users are authenticating with Microsoft AD FS. Everything is visible in Pointsharp Dashboard and you get full control of how your security is performing.

Insight and Control

Protecting Active Directory

Pointsharp protect Active Directory and AD FS by taking control of all the authentication steps, both username and password and the second step with e.g. Pointsharp Login App or OTP. Not until the user is approved, will Microsoft AD FS receive a request to generate a SAML ticket that allow the user to access the federated cloud or on-prem application.

  • Pre-authentication both 1st and 2nd step.
  • Brute-force Protection
  • Denial-of-Service Protection
  • User Account Lock-out Protection


Password Protection

Pointsharp can authenticate the user either with the Active Directory Password or with a Pointsharp Password as an alternative password or pin code.


Pointsharp App Portal with SSO for Microsoft AD FS

With Pointsharp App Portal users don’t need to know all the applications they have access to in cloud or on-prem. The user only need to login to the Pointsharp App Portal and choose the application of choice to get access. The user is already know by Pointsharp and get Single Sign-On to Microsoft AD FS and the applications the user access.

Pointsharp App Portal with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Secure Integration with Microsoft ADFS

Pointsharp provide two different options of integrating with Microsoft AD FS.

Full Protection

Pointsharp take full control of all the steps of the authentication process by placing an authentication proxy (Pointsharp Mobile Gateway) in front of the AD FS servers. The AD FS server is never exposed to Internet or hit by anonymous traffic. Only authenticated users and sessions by Pointsharp is allowed to retrieve SAML tickets from Microsoft AD FS. All user interfaces are also handled by Pointsharp so custom branding of user interfaces are possible.

MFA Adapter

Pointsharp integrate with Microsoft AD FS with the MFA Adapter, taking control of the second step with the Pointsharp Login App or any of our supported One-Time Password options.


Why choose Pointsharp with Microsoft AD FS

By choosing Pointsharp as the security solution for your Microsoft AD FS deployment, you get the best from Microsoft with ADFS combined with the leading provider of Multi Factor Authentication. Pointsharp provide Enterprise security features that meet the highest security requirements in combination with unique solutions that deliver ease-of-use for your end users.


Microsoft Certified

Pointsharp is a trusted ISV Gold partner to Microsoft and align both product development and integration with Microsoft technology and applications.

Pointsharp - a Microsoft Gold ISV partner

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