Secure application access with FIDO

The FIDO technology makes it easy for users to get access to their applications and authenticate their identity. With FIDO being a decentralized approach it introduces challenges to enterprise organization who want to maintain centralized control of which users and tokens are used while access corporate information.

fido for enterprise

Centralized control

With Pointsharp, your organization set policies which type of FIDO tokens that are allowed to be used and if it should be combined with biometrics or pin-code. All token are registered and connected to specific users to enable easy life-cycle management. All type of of FIDO tokens are supported, for example Yubico Yubikeys, Feitian Security Keys, Windows Hello, Mobile Devices and more.


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Save time for the IT department

Save time by letting your users enroll their own FIDO tokens through a self-service portal. This process is done securly by proving the user identity with multi-factor authentication. This is especially valuable for large organization as enrollment of large number of tokens won’t be a burdon on the IT department.


Single sign-on makes it easy for the users

app portalWith a valid registered FIDO token a user can login to a customizable application portal that also dynamically adapts and only shows the applications the specific user have access to. With only one click the user then gets access to their application without the need of further sign in procedures for a great user experience.


Use the same key for device login

Some models of FIDO tokens, like Yubikeys, can be configured to also provide certificate based multi-factor authentication for login to devices running Windows or Mac OS and to supported Thin Clients.

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