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Secure Login for a Modern Workplace

Everyone knows that it is not enough with simple passwords. Therefore, there are good products that enhance the security of user’s login. In the past, remote access was mainly from computers that connected to the corporate network. Today it’s mainly from smartphones and tablets connecting to applications. This has changed the rules of the game for login and access completely.

It is not enough with one single method for all the user’s different devices. In the past, one could require e.g. SMS One-Time Password at every login, which is a good method for a computer, but this wouldn't work for a mobile application on a smartphone connected 24/7.

At the same time, there’s today a transition to Cloud. Companies are in a hybrid environment where applications are spread among different cloud providers and on-premises. In order not to end up in a situation where you lose control and lower the security of the users’ identities, you need a solution that doesn’t differentiate between users’ login to applications in cloud or on-premises.

The user's mobile devices and solutions in Cloud simply requires new and innovative solutions that Pointsharp provides.

Secure Login with Pointsharp

Pointsharp provide a solution that include many smart methods to secure the login and identity of your mobile users and adapt to what type of access and how it’s performed. Pointsharp supports all standard applications and has advanced integrations with Enterprise applications to ensure high security with ease of use for the users.

Pointsharp makes it possible to find the optimal balance between ease of use and security. In the large number of features and integrations, you'll find several unique highlights such as.



Pointsharp supports all the IT architectures like Cloud, On-Premises and Hybrid.

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