Office 365


Protect Microsoft Office 365 with secure login from Pointsharp so you know that only authorized users get access to their information. You have full control and insight how and when your user’s login to Microsoft Office 365 without the need to giveaway your users login key to Microsoft.

Secure Login

To ensure it is the right person that logs in to Office 365, Pointsharp offers many options of 2-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication including the Pointsharp Login App.

Single Sign-On

Users can get a one-click access to their applications in cloud and on-premises via Pointsharp App Portal.

Conditional Login

Configure rules that apply to different users accessing cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365. Rules are created easily and can be based on roles, level of authentication, location and more.


PointSharp provides the choice to use either Windows password (Active Directory) or a PointSharp managed password that can be used for all external access.


Pointsharp give you all the insight you need how your user’s login and to what application. The Pointsharp Dashboard show both global real-time data as well offer drill-down to each individual user for detailed auditing.


PointSharp integrate with Microsoft AD FS and support a wide range of solution options.


PointSharp is a trusted ISV Gold partner to Microsoft and align both product development and integration with Microsoft technology and applications.

How it Works


Step 1. User login to Microsoft Office 365 with their email address.

Step 2. User enter their password and confirm the login with one push in the Pointsharp Login App.

Step 3. User approved and have secure access to Microsoft Office 365.

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