Office 365 2FA

Easy and secure login that protects the access to Microsoft Office 365 with full insight and control of how and when users login. 2FA and MFA with ease-of-use for the end-users.

Secure Login to Microsoft Office 365 with Two Factor Authentication

Pointsharp provide your company with full insight and control of how and when users login to Microsoft Office 365. Protect and secure the user’s access to Office 365 with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure that only trusted users can access Office 365.


Office 365 2FA and Office 365 MFA solution.

Step 1. User login to Microsoft Office 365 with their email address.

Step 2. User enter their password and confirm the login with one push in the Pointsharp Login App.

Step 3. User approved and have secure access to Microsoft Office 365.

Multi Factor Authentication Options

Pointsharp provide a wide range of authentication methods to authenticate a user with MFA or 2FA as well as advanced policies on how these methods are enforced on different users and situations.

Pointsharp MFA and 2FA options

  • Pointsharp Login App - Office 365 MFA with ease-of-use and custom branding.
  • Office 365 2FA with Google Authenticator, Pointsharp Mobile Token, SMS, Hardware Token. Many options of OTP Tokens


Insight and Control

Pointsharp provide full Insight and Control how and when your users are authenticating with Microsoft AD FS. Everything is visible in Pointsharp Dashboard and you get full control of how your security is performing.

Insight and Control

Pointsharp Login App Makes it Easy and Secure

The Pointsharp Login App provides a great end-user experience with ease-of-use when the user login and access Microsoft Office 365 with Two Factor Authentication wihtout the need of a One Time Password. The Login App can be company branded to ensure a familiar end-user experience that also provide the user with means to get support when needed.


Why Choose Pointsharp vs Microsoft MFA

There are several reasons why you should separate authentication from the cloud application that the user login to e.g. Microsoft Office 365. The most important reasons are:

  • Cybercriminals target cloud vendors to get access to multiple customers. If the cloud vendor is compromised you want to ensure your login solution is not.
  • With applications spread among multiple cloud vendors and on-premises, you need the best integration with applications both on-premises and different cloud vendors, not matter if they are competitive or not.
  • Ensure central Insight and Control of users, who and when they login and access different applications spread among cloud and on-prem.
  • Separating cloud applications and your login solution ensure you don’t get commercially locked in with a specific cloud vendor.

Pointsharp provide an Office 365 authentication solution that allow our customers to be in control and separate the identities and login of their users.


Secure Login and Access to Office 365 with Single Sign On

With Pointsharp App Portal users don’t need to remember how to login and access Microsoft Office 365. The users only need to remember the App Portal, they login once and click on the Office 365 icon and get Single Sign-On (SSO) to Office 365. The App Portal can give users easy login with SSO to all cloud and on-premises applications.


Microsoft Certified

Pointsharp is a trusted ISV Gold partner to Microsoft and align both product development and integration with Microsoft technology and applications.

Pointsharp - a Microsoft Gold ISV partner

Secure the Login to Microsoft Office 365!

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