Skype for Business

Trust the identities of your users

Secure your Microsoft Skype for Business with Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure that you can protect and trust the identities of your users.

Works with all devices.

Pointsharp Login App

Easy and secure login with Pointsharp Login App as the second factor. The user confirm their identity with an easy “push to confirm” when they login.

2FA with One-Time Password

The second factor can also be based on a One-Time Password. Pointsharp support a wide range of options of 2-factor Authentication methods.

Alternate Password

In organizations where smartcards are deployed, the user don’t have a password. Pointsharp can authenticate a user with an alternative password or a pin code. This can also be used for those who don’t want to expose domain passwords on external devices.

Exchange Web Services – EWS

Protect Microsoft Exchange by ensuring that only Skype for Business users are allowed to access via Exchange Web Services (EWS).

Microsoft AD FS

Pointsharp integrate and add support for Multi-Factor Authentication in Microsoft AD FS. Skype for Business can be protected both on-prem and in the cloud using Microsoft Modern Authentication.

Insight and Control

Pointsharp provide full insight how your users and devices are accessing Skype for Business. Everything is visible in Pointsharp Dashboard and you get full control of how your security is performing.


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