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Not everyone in an organization have the same needs and requirements. The R&D department may need certificate-based security, sales may want to use their phones remotely, and employees without work phones may need YubiKeys or OTP tokens.

No worries, with Pointsharp you can mix and match methods to build a secure infrastructure that fits your users.

Use any combination of our mobile app, certificates, FIDO, OTP tokens, YubiKeys, smart cards etc.

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Adapt to your needs

Adapt to your needs

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More authentication solutions

Atmosphere Planning

Do you require the high security levels that certificate-based authentication offers? We help you implement it in a way that suits your needs.

Atmosphere Confirm Login

You no longer need passwords for secure authentication. Remove them to get better user experience and get rid of the most common attack vector.

Atmosphere Laptop

Learn how the FIDO technology makes it easy for users to get access to their applications and authenticate their identity.

Yubikey Computer Fingerprint Biometric

Our unique solutions enable full lifecycle management of YubiKeys, no matter if you want to use certificates, FIDO, or both.