The webinar is recorded and takes 30 min.

Mobile email is both one of the hardest things to secure, as well as one of the biggest security risks. This has also gotten worse with the rise of BYOD and surveys showing that over 40% of employees use their personal devices to access their email.

In this webinar we go through the different ways you can secure mobile email and how to do it on your user’s premises.

Is an MDM solution enough today, can you apply MFA on Exchange ActiveSync and how do you approach a BYOD strategy are some of the questions we will have a look at.

Among other things you'll learn:

  • The changing mobile landscape and its threats
  • Securing devices, access, and identities
  • How zero trust and user experience are key to success

Hosted by

Niklas Brask
Niklas Brask
CEO, Pointsharp
Gordon Andersson
Gordon Andersson
Head of Marketing